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.htaccess for WordPress

For the correct operation of your site on CMS WordPress, a file such as .htaccess is required. What is this animal and why is it needed on the site? This file is not included in the delivery of WordPress, probably because everyone configures it himself, but there are common, and I would say, important, necessary, general settings for the htaccess file for WordPress. htaccess is primarily designed...

Top 5 Cool Sliders – Plugins For WordPress With Adaptive Design


Hello dear friends! Long time ago, there were no delicacies for WordPress. So I am correcting and I suggest you take a look at the cool selection of sliders for WordPress. Which, by the way, plug-ins and completely free, plus have an adaptive design. So with the setup and installation there will be no problems. I wish you a quick download and installation. Adaptive slider for WordPress –...

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